Unpleasantville, twinned with Hell. And Basingstoke.

Greetings from Unpleasantville, preferred destination for the permanently bewildered, the chemically dependent, and the wilfully ignorant, a place where reality blurs with editorials from the Daily Mail and Fox News, where 1984 meets A Clockwork Orange and the Vote Leave manifesto. A council estate in a Tory borough, not so much #inspirationalquotes as #fuckoffthen.

If you find anything offensive, or wish to complain, email albert.tatlock@unpleasantville.com. He won’t reply but you might feel better.

Unpleasantville has been produced by a small group of people working together, (like a co-operative, but unco-operative). Press-ganged, misdirected or just plain lied to, they remain confused about what’s happening here, and you shouldn’t blame them

Kim Halliday
Rat Scabies (drums, obviously)
Sharlette K (voice, voice and more voice)
Bingo Richey (voice)
Chris Holdsworth (remix)

Jon Farley

Matt Allen

Jake Riviera